Monday, April 28, 2008

our house

Ok, so we've been married for nine months today, and I am finally getting around to letting everyone see our adorable house (if you ever hear me talk badly about our house...remind me how cute it is and how blessed we are to have a house this wonderful). I tend to get frustrated with the fact we don't have much storage, but I think the real problem is me letting go of some stuff, and only keeping what we need. Enough said about all that!! Here is the house....
and incase you're wondering...YES, that is an LSU flag hanging on our porch! Here is what you see as you walk in the front door...
It is our living room, which leads into our HUGE dining room ;) if that is what you call it, into our kitchen. The door behind the chair goes into the guest bedroom...we'll get to that in a minute! Here are a couple of more views of the living room...
Putting the TV on the wall was Jonathan's idea, and he and his dad worked hard to get it up there. It really made the room look bigger. It also helps that we have lofted ceilings, so that makes it look bigger as well. Here are some more pictures of our kitchen/laundry room...Jonathan and his dad (really his dad) hung the wall paper in the kitchen.
You've got it, that's our washer and dryer...right there in the kitchen. We probably always smell like food. But that's okay, it could be worse.

So moving on into the bedrooms...(for those of you that didn't know this, Jonathan bought this house and did most the decorating in it before we met). My one request was that we paint the bedroom a baby blue color...for my Tarheel fan husband, this wasn't an issue. So for this room, we actually have some before and after pictures:

It was tan, and had mirror sliding closet doors.

We made it blue, with yellow in the little tray in the ceiling. We changed the mirrors to the wooden doors in the picture. After the bedroom pictures, are a couple of pictures of our master bathroom. We redid this (actually all by ourselves). We don't have the before pictures, but I like it alot better!

For those that don't already think/know this, let me go ahead and admit that I am spoiled...between my curved shower rod, and my great shower head...I love my shower.
Next stop the guest bedroom and bathroom...our house is 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom. Each room has its own bathroom (no hallways).

We also have a cute little porch that overlooks our side yard (Bristol loves laying in the sun). That is our neighbor's house you see, so it is very small. We have quite the herb garden. Jonathan loves to go get his fresh parsley, and can't wait for his rosemary to look the same way.

Oh and if you haven't met is our wonderful puppy, Bristol. The picture of him laying on the porch is my proof that he can be still. He's slightly hyper, and I find myself telling people all the time, "He really can be calm."
Okay, so that's it for the tour today! Hope you feel like you've been in our world a little bit!

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