Thursday, July 24, 2008

Preparing for NICA

This week as been a little crazy as we get ready to head to the city of Villa El Carmen, Nicaragua. On Tuesday night, we (us and the Spann's) took Jermile to Blue Fire Grill for his birthday! We had a great time just celebrating life, and enjoying Jermile being close enough to Greenville to go out to eat.
On Wednesday night, we went to a really expensive restaurant (Restaurant O) in downtown for our anniversary. I had received a gift card from one of my students at the end of the year last year, and we decided to hold it for our anniversary. Now, our actual anniversary will be Monday, but since we will be out of country, we celebrated last night! We had a really fun time just laughing and eating really yummy dessert. When they brought me mine, they wrote a really cute message on it!

On Thursday (or today), we are receiving our new couch! YAY! It is a sleeper sofa and I am sooo excited to actually have a couch. Bristol might have a hard time, because contrary to the futon, he isn't allowed! We are also getting a swivel chair to replace one of the recliners. It is nice, big, and comfy! I am so excited...I just love new furniture...I'll post pictures when it actually gets here.

We leave in two days (Sat) with half of our team, and the rest will leave on Sun. Our team was too big for one trip. Please pray for our safe travel, good health, and over all that the people in Villa El Carmen will be open to the Word! There are some specific requests sent from the pastor and team already located there, so I might post that tomorrow or something! Thanks again for helping this dream become a reality for Jonathan and I. We are so excited to watch God do some very unique things we might not have experienced here!

Us celebrating with Jermile (I had to reduce red-eyes on Mary Beth and I, and now I look gray)

Jonathan and I at Restaurant O (we're off center cause I had to trim the arm fat)

This is our message and my vanilla bean creme brulee(many thanks to the chef)


Chef Jesse Thompson said...

Hey how are you? My name is Jesse Thompson and I am the chef at Restaurant O. We are so excited you guys had a good anniversary dinner last night. Hopefully we will get to see you in again very soon. It's brulee, but who cares how it's spelled as long as it's delicious!

God Bless,
Jesse Thompson

Haley Myers said...

I will be praying for your trip and that the people there will be open to the Word. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Mary Beth Spann said...

It takes a good friend to take away their friend's devil eyes only to make themselves gray. That is stinkin hilarious. Thanks for making the sacrifice.