Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Emrick!

As many of you know, I had another ultrasound this week. It was a precautionary thing done because last week at my regular doctor, they saw a couple of things that she "didn't want to over look." Today, I went to a wonderful fetal medicine doctor to have a second look...I just enjoyed being able to see Emrick (the baby - more on the name below) again so soon. This ultrasound went pretty well (other than him being comfortable, and not wanting them to look or mess with him). His little hands and arms were moving a good bit this morning. He even made it into his mouth while we were watching today. Oh, he will be so ROTTEN!!! The doctor also seemed confident that everything looked "normal." We will do one more ultrasound during the third trimester to make sure that he is staying up with the fetal development rate.
His little fingers must already be a favorite:

His little foot:

Boy parts:

Him thinking he wishes the ultrasound tech would quit trying to get him to turn over by shaking mommy's belly:

About his name: We have decided to name him Emrick Scott Edmonds. Emrick is my mom's last name, and we are naming him after her late husband. He was an incredible man, and we didn't get to spend nearly enough time with him. I don't think there was anyone that did not like him, and we can only hope that we makes friends and impressions as well as Randy did. Scott is the name of a good friend of ours...so good that he performed our wedding ceremony for us. We are privileged to have such great men, to name our son after. (**Just a note there are other great men in our lives too, like our fathers, that we hope Emrick follows the example of).

I finally feel like I am showing some. All of the sudden Saturday, it was like my belly just decided to wake up and start poking out. Although, I am not crazy about posting pictures of my belly, they have been requested...argggg! So, Libby, for your viewing pleasure (I hope you feel better)!


marianne said...

That sweet baby boy!!! The picture with his fingers in his mouth made my heart melt. Please post more belly pics, you are the cutest mommy-to-be! I am so excited about the good reports and love that I get to share in you and Jonathan's joy!

TigerBelle113 said...

AWWWWWW YAYYYYYYY!!!!! You are absolutely the cutest Mommy I've ever seen or known!!! I love you!!

Brooke said...

Awww...I'm so EXCITED!!! Your belly is adorable...I absolutely love the pics of Emerick....keep 'em coming!! :) love you all