Monday, September 15, 2008

1 month and counting

Well I guess we should update our life for all those that are addicted to blogs (mb????).
We have been super busy lately....well not busy...but super tired. Our work lifes have hit full swing and we are both trying to not work ourselves to death. But let me tell you it is hard.....Bailey has been doing a great job at leaving work on Tuesdays and Thursday to go workout.....some days with Mary Beth??? She also has started her Fall Grad class at Furman which meets Monday and Wed other than Friday, she has been doing a good job of leaving early from school. The weeks get kinda long but so far we have made it through. The toughest thing is going to be when all the new TV series start up this week and next. We are going through a series at church about Gods word and how we need to be immersed in it.....well lets just say that I am already convicted and with the TV stuff starting, I think some of my favorite shows will get dropped....why is it so hard????

The hardest part of the last month had been the fact that due to my job, I am missing out on a few important things in my life. I will miss out on all of our fall small group because of my work schedule on Sunday afternoons.....this is a big thing, because I love our small group and the conversations and support we have with them. I have only missed two weeks and I am already feeling the void. Also I will miss part of not all of this falls Mens Roundtable at church, this actually bums me out to for a couple of reasons..

1) It is a great opportunity to be in community with other males in the church and just connect

2) the series is going to be on a Man and his Wife.....and as I am constantly trying to better serve my wife and be less selfish....I think it is a great shame that I may miss part or all of it. I will be able to get it on CD, but there is just something about being there and listening, then discussing it with others........

So if you guys or gals out there in blog land can just say a prayer for us that we would not get bogged down with the unimportant stuff in our lives and focus on God and his purpose. Also if you would just pray that we are intentional with our time with God and that we look to him to fill us, not to the artificial.......

Hopefully it wont be too long till our next post.....but I gotta get back to work.....later



Mary Beth Spann said...

Just b/c I could remember the exact date of your last post doesn't mean I'm addicted. ;)

dixie roberts said...

The fact that those are your concerns in life blesses me more than you can imagine. For you to get all of that at your young age and know that you have a lifetime to serve God is so exciting. I have observed that when God puts me in a place where all my feeding spots are blocked that He want me out there doing the feeding someone else needs. We have seasons... we need food , we give food... you are so full right now with all that God has done in you and for you and Bailey and in your mission trip that maybe he is putting you in the field for a while. When you use up your reserve, your life will change and make room for all those troughs again. God Bless you and those He brings to your table. love, Mrs.R.