Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grace Downtown

Well the new thing in our life know is Grace Downtown. Our church has started a new campus in downtown greenville and Bailey and I are on board full bore. We are leading the audio visual team, which control the slide, lights and overall production of the service. Bailey has been doing slides and I have been producing. Producing basically means that I have to stress over all the intracasies of the service....which I dont mind. It is actually neat to be working so closely with some of the staff and being a part of this. We are meeting at the Handlebar, which if you are not from Greenville is a music hall, if you will. It is a great initimate concert hall, but also is a bar at the same time. We are pretty rugged as there is a fully stocked bar in the back of the "worship hall". There are also signs for a tatoo parlor and a big pair of dice hanging from the ceiling. It is a great place to worship...Some people might look down their nose at it, but I tell you from my opinion it is great. We have had 3 services now and sitting back and watching people worship God is no different here than anywhere else. It is just a big reminder that GOD doesnt care what you look like, where you are or what you wear....he just cares about what is in you heart and that you praise him for everything.....thats what we try to do! There are alot of little things that people may worry about when it comes to the service, but I try to bring the thought process that we are here for him and if we leave something out or something doesnt flow right, Praise GOD because he is more important that all things.....Hope everyone is doing great and we hope to see or hear from you soon....Love Jonathan

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