Friday, December 12, 2008

A Quick Note to say Hi!

So we are getting threatening notes about the fact that we haven't updated our blog yet! But I understand since it has been two months. We do have a couple of things that have been going on. For Thanksgiving, we headed down to Florence, SC and spent time with Jonathan's family. We had a great time, other than Bailey recovering from some stomach bug she got from the kids in her class.
We are also putting our house on the market Dec. 19. We are excited, but need to do some work before next Friday. We've decided the price for which we could sell, and decided since it is a buyer's market to go ahead and list it. We will be patient, and not rush. Once we sell, we will look for another house. We have no idea where (still Greenville, but it depends on what's open at that point). It is really excited (except when I think about how long this could take)!!
In this process, we have eliminated the dog kennel which has made for some interesting times. Bristol has done pretty well (although, he did chew Jonathan's favorite kitchen utensil). I did get a little worried yesterday when I walked in and realized that he had gotten the pound of meat we had set out for Tacos. That's right, he ate a whole pound of raw meat...he seems fine, but I don't think Jonathan was too terribly happy with this ordeal.
We will be going to spend Christmas with our family in Mississippi and Louisiana. We are excited to see everyone, and will post when we get back.
Okay, so not the most interesting post in a while, but an update for now!
Until next time, have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and remember to celebrate Jesus' love for us, and the true meaning to why we have this day! LOVE

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