Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rough Month, but GREAT Weekend

So Jonathan's been doing most of the posting, so I decided I would actually stop in say hey, give some prayer request, and put up some brand new pictures.

First, I said in the title that it has been a rough month. I am not sure what is significant about this month. Alot goes into the roughness though. I find myself struggling with my schedule of being a teacher, student, and a wife. I find myself thinking that I am not doing a great job at any of these, and being a little bit of a perfectionist, I can beat myself up about this pretty good sometimes. This then brings in a wave of hormonal emotions that Jonathan has no idea what to do with. In addition, because I feel that my time is jam packed, that leaves a little to be desired in the time that I spend in the Word. This is the one place I need to be in times like this. We have been doing a six week study on God's Word, and how desperate we should be for it. I am inviting you to pray with me, that I will be desperate for His Word, and that He would comfort me through what I read. That He would stabilize my emotions, and help me to find ALL my trust in Him.

Now on a little happier note...Jonathan's parents came to visit us this weekend, and we had a blast. We went to Fall for Greenville on Friday, Skytop Orchard (to pick apples), the Carl Sandberg home, and Pearson Falls on Saturday, and wrapped-up the weekend at the Handlebar this morning. It was a great time, and we were able to take some fun pictures!

This next one is one of my favorites!

I like this one pretty well too!


Garrett and Allison Reed said...

It was so good to see you all yesterday morning...even if it was just for a second. I miss you guys. Bailey, lets please get together sometime soon!! Call me whenever you get a chance. Sounds like you guys are really busy. I love you mucho!

Haley Myers said...

Can ya'll update this thing every now and then? Ya'll seem to talk much to people that don't live with you!

Haley Myers said...

I meant to say ya'll DON'T talk much to people that don't live with ya'll