Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is crazy...at least to me! I think that Jonathan and I have decided to investigate refinancing and if we can get a good rate, with a good outcome we would decide not to sell. I am really ready to have a peace about where we will be when Emrick gets here, and although we can afford a new place, we might be happier financially staying put a little bit longer. Okay, so we decide that (for the most part) we aren't selling. Since this decision, we have shown the house twice in three days. WHAT??? And, since Jonathan painted, three times. We have doubled the number of times we have shown it in like 3 weeks time. I am not sure what this means for us, but it sure is ironic. The only thing that would be crazier is if we actually got an offer. I do have pictures of the newly painted nursery should we stay and a funny story about that, but it will have to wait.

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