Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring is Here! And brings pictures and updates!!

Spring is finally here, and I am so glad. I really don't like the cold weather at all, so I am excited that it is finally a little warmer. However, I am beginning to feel the hormones working, and it isn't really warmer, but it is hotter...not complaining, but I think that I finally got my wish to be warm!!! A couple of weeks ago, these precious baby squirrels were playing in the tree in the side yard. They had both Bristol and I mesmerized....although I think for separate reasons!

I feel like our life has been spinning the last couple of weeks. We have been so busy. It has all been a blast, but we are both feeling the effects. Jonathan recently realized there is something on his calendar every single weekend until the last weekend in May! So crazy!!! One thing that kept me busy recently was a two night/three day field trip to Barrier Island with 80 fifth graders. It was a pretty fun trip, and I was able to catch a couple of cool shots!

When I got home that Friday night, Jonathan was so very excited! He made me close my eyes for a surprise in Emrick's room. This is what I found...

Emrick's first piece of mail! It was such a great piece of mail as well. Emrick's great aunt (Randy's sister) made him this incredible quilt. It has pieces of Randy's old clothes as the letters and some of the objects on it. It is so special to have a gift that comes from Randy. Aunt Jeanne did an incredible is one square:

And the whole quilt:

That night, my mom and my brother's family, and Jonathan's family all came to town. They came to attend the wonderful shower that my great friends hosted for me. Here are my wonderful hostesses (although I think they had some other helpers too):

And some of my great friends that came to show Emrick some love:

Everything was so pretty, and great:

I felt completely blessed as I looked at the incredible amount of love that was shown to Emrick!

Not to mention all the other great things that we got last weekend, Crystal (my brother's wife) brought me all of the baby furniture from her two boys. On Saturday afternoon, we (THEY) put everything together. In addition to the furniture, Crystal also brought 7 boxes of hand-me down clothes, shoes, toys, necessities, etc. So for the unveiling of the room:

It is really beginning to come along! I am SO excited!!! (And YES, the house is officially off the market). AND, I almost forgot, Emrick's daddy bought him his first HotWheels!


TigerBelle113 said...

LOVE the pictures!! The room looks SO awesome!!!! :)

Mary Beth Spann said...

The room is great! Can't wait to see it in person! And that quilt is precious! I love it.

TigerBelle113 said...

Okay's about time for another round of belly pics!! :)