Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to Update!

I don't have a ton of pictures to put up, although I probably should because we have been busy. Maybe the pictures will come soon! First off, Jonathan and I haven't really spent time together alone, just us hanging out without an agenda, for FIVE weeks. Everything that has been going on has been great, but I'd be lying if I said we haven't missed each other some. It all started May 16 when Jonathan went to Eluthera in the Bahamas for a mission trip. He was gone for a week, and came back the evening of the 23rd. He had an amazing time, and from the pictures they seemed to have worked hard, but also had a ton of fun.
The following weekend, "the boys" went to Jonathan's parents house in Sparta, NC for a weekend to celebrate Jermile, and his upcoming wedding. I am not sure I or you want to know anymore details, but they seemed to have fun, as they are trying to plan another trip maybe in August sometime...
Then, it was June, and the first weekend in June, my mother-in-law Susan and I went to Mississippi and Louisiana for the last time before Emrick arrives. My dad's wife and her family held a shower for me, and it was really nice to spend some time with friends and family.
Last weekend, we were priviledged to celebrate the marriage of Jermile and Haley Brooks!!!!! After the rain delay, it ended up being an absolutely beautiful day and wedding. It was a day we were all excited about, and were so extremely thrilled to see come together the way it did. Everything ended up being just perfect! Jermile and Haley, thanks for letting us be a part, and we love you. (Jonathan was in the wedding, and so we stayed pretty busy the couple of days before the wedding trying to be helpful and such).
Needless to say, we have been WORN OUT! We are looking forward to trying to spend some quality time with each other in the next couple of weekends before Emrick arrives!
So, on to more information about that!!! I started my weekly visits yesterday, which I think will make things really seem to go by faster! I am at 36 weeks, and measuring 37 weeks. It looks like Emrick is dropping to me, but there isn't any progress to show that he will be coming early. I didn't really expect anything different than that, as I have been pretty much comfortable. I have been really blessed with a somewhat easy pregnancy so far. I haven't had much back pain, and haven't felt anything that I would describe as Braxton Hicks. Although, I am starting to feel huge, and get little sensations in my lower back every now and then. Like I said, nothing to complain about, and I definitely feel blessed by that. So, 26 days and counting!
We have been working hard in Emrick's room, and everything is done except hanging the ceiling fan. It is a great feeling to know that the little man can come any day, and we will have a place for him to rest. In finishing off his room, we had a small internal we buy the ceiling fan we can afford and will look fine in his room, or do we buy the ceiling fan that is out of our price range cause its are the two fans:

Fan #1 (except the one we would put up has ivory light holder thingys):


Fan #2

It would probably help if you could see the decor in his room...but it would look really neat!!!!! So, would you go on the splurge, or go practical????? We ended up going practical, and decided maybe one day we would upgrade when Emrick actually cared what fan was in his room!!!!


Mountain Dreamer said...

You know Poppy would have paid the difference for the "upgrade". I know you don't feel comfortable asking but deal with it. That's what grandaddys are for. Spoiling! The practical one looks fine I'm sure. Can't wait to see you. Make sure Jonathan keeps taking those cool "belly shots".
Love you all!

Haley Myers said...

Hey yo...we need your email..going private so I want to MAKE SURE YOU ARE INVITED!!! Thanks!

TigerBelle113 said...

Looks like you found a way to procrastinate, after all!! :) BUT I'M SO GLAD YOU BLOGGED!!! <3 you!!