Friday, July 10, 2009

One Last Hoorah!

Been wanting to blog for several days, but hadn't gotten motivated, partly because there has been alot to write about, and we weren't real sure how to fit it all in. So here are a few updates before getting to updating on baby news!

1. Jonathan had an amazing time in Eleuthera. Thank you to everyone that supported us in prayer and financially. Their trip was definitely profitable. Here are a couple of pictures from the trip (I bet if several people comment, he'll actually blog about the trip....but he doesn't think anyone reads the blog, so he's been reluctant ;))!!!
The Working Pictures:

The Scenery Pictures:

2. Bailey has finished 18 hours towards her Masters in Literacy. This is great for a couple of reasons...a) PAY RAISE!!!! b) It is mid-way through the program and is a good breaking point for baby. I will take a year off from classes, and return next June.

I also wanted to post some pictures of Emrick's room. It is completely done, and I have a couple of favorite features...actually, I have alot of favorite features:

These are two things that Jonathan brought back from Eleuthera. The map and the shells fit the decor perfectly, and it is super special that Jonathan retrieved this shells himself off of the ocean floor!

These are two paintings done by Jonathan's grandfather. We loved them when we first saw them, but they fit perfectly in Emrick's room, and we couldn't resist putting them in there for him to enjoy! Plus, they are way more prominent than where we had them displayed before. Thanks Grandpa Becker!!!!

This saying is very special cause when I first realized I was pregnant, I was scared to death that I would miscarry. I would pray for peace, and then sing this song to Emrick with my hand on my belly. The Lord definitely would comfort me, and I am sure this verse will guide Emrick, Jonathan, and I as we learn together about the things you learn about when your family grows!!!

My good friend Libby had her mother-in-law paint this rocking chair for Emrick, and it is precious. I had a little red rocker when I was little that had been in my family, and really wanted to get Emrick one, so it was a great addition to his room! Thanks Libby and Vicki!!!! more belly picture (by the way, can I mention one more time how gross I think these are?):

Yes, I know it will be the last belly picture! As I write this, Jonathan is packing the car with our bags, and making sure that we have everything we think we might need for the hospital. I went in for my check-up today, and the doctor and I decided we would induce in the morning (July 11)! If you see this, please pray that things will go smoothly and as uncomplicated as possible! AND, check back for details about little Emrick!!! Love to all!


Jermile and Haley Brooks said...

Praying and waiting!!!

Mountain Dreamer said...

Tell Jonathan his dad reads the blog and cannot wait for the next installment. I'll send you the last "belly picture" (by the way, we think they are beautiful - that's our grandson in there) that I took Friday night before going to the hospital on Saturday morning. We love and can't wait to get back to see you all. Love, Dad