Saturday, April 3, 2010

Facebook: 1 - Blog: 0

-Scroll to the bottom to watch the video that my talented hubby put together!

So I have almost given up on the blog for a couple of reasons, but most of them surround facebook. It just seems that more people read/see facebook, than that actually come to the blog. And, if I'm honest, I spend way more time on facebook. But, I have also realized that I don't get to put all the details of life's happenings on facebook...its just a quick line or two. But, here, I can go picture happy, and I place the cute little stories behind each picture. I can also be a little bit more open and vulnerable here as well....

With all that said, this post promises to be one full of updates, picture blissfulness, and maybe even a couple of videos.

The biggest update for Jonathan and I is that Jonathan's last day at Furman will be April 27. We've been thinking about this change for a while now, and have been preparing for this change as well. However, in our preparation, we haven't yet decided what's next. Our plans are that Jonathan will take some time to search out some options. We share a faith we are following God's direction, and that He indeed will provide, and show us what's next! It is an exciting time, not really a fearful one (check back in a while to see if we are in the same spot, and on whether I still think its exciting...I hope so, but I am sure at that point, it will be harder to remain positive). You can be praying for God to give us clarity and direction as we are really unsure what way we might go! **There's some of that vulnerability I was speaking of earlier!!!

Since January, and really before that, Emrick has learned so much, so on to his updates (they are way more interesting anyway).
One thing that somewhat kept me from posting was the fact that we have pretty much constantly had ear infections, and I didn't want to post about them constantly, or show the frustration I felt through the past four months as we have struggled through them. Since December 12, the closest that we have gotten to having completely healed ears was, "There is some slight residual fluid in his ears, but they are getting better." Other than that, his poor ears have had some type of infection or fluid in them. We recently visited the ENT, and are praying through removing his adenoid, and placing tubes in his ears. I know there are varying views, and while we understand that, we are trusting in our doctors and their care, and will likely follow through with the surgery. Right now, it is scheduled for May 3. Please be praying that it will go smoothly without a hitch, and that if this isn't what God has in store for little E that He will certainly make that clear to us as well.

Other than his ears, Emrick is awesome. Even with his ears, he is such a good baby...not that I have had any others to compare to, and yes I am biased, but he is happy, and a definite free spirit most of the time.

*These days he is sitting up well, and playing independently for pretty long spurts of time, which makes house chores more realistic these days.
*He recently learned to clap (complete with sound), and impresses himself with the talent. If he is crying or upset about something, I can sing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands," and usually he will stop crying and start clapping. Its pretty cute.
*He's also scooting around. I've had bittersweet feelings that Emrick isn't yet crawling (I'd like him to be there because I feel like he should, but I don't mind that he can't yet get into everything). But, the fact that he scoots, cracks me up. He will spin in circles while sitting up, or on his belly. And, if he can't reach something, he goes to his belly, and spins in a circle until he is close enough to reach whatever he's trying to get to. It is hysterical to watch, and pretty impressive that he's figured out that this works.
*He and Bristol have finally started to notice each other, and Bristol is very patient and sweet with him, but is so ready to play with him. We are trying to teach them both to be gentle with the other! With that said, when Emrick reaches for Bristol's toys he either licks him or sniffs him, which is very comforting!
*During Christmas break, Emrick pretty much cut his two bottom teeth, and this week (Easter Break), I noticed I grinding noise, and sure enough, his top tooth has broken through the gum as well. I absolutely can not stand the sound he makes when grinding his teeth together! Hopefully he will have teeth by the time it is all the way in. And I am sure the second one is going to be right behind it!
*Jonathan and I have vowed not to talk about his sleep patterns. This is because, he will sleep ALL night, one whole week and someone will inevitably ask, "How's he sleeping?" To which we will reply, "Its been a good week!" You know, as not to jinks ourselves, and sure enough the next week, we will be up with him every night. So, that pretty much sums up where we are with sleeping patterns!
*We definite have a bouncy monkey on our hands. This boy loves to jump. Whether in his exersaucer or standing in your lap. He is getting better at the Johnny Jump Up, but hasn't figured out that it is made for a bouncing monkey!!!
*Emrick can stand for short periods of time while holding on to things, but hasn't yet figured out how to pull up on his own-or sit up from the laying down position for that matter.
*He is jabbering some too! Mostly, dadadada.... or ahhhahhh, but its jabber!
*SMILES (and laughs)! Seriously, if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all babies were as happy and easy as him, we'd probably be the next Duggar family. He makes being a mommy so fun!

I think that's about it. So to continue the world's longest post (at least for us) by far, for your entertainment, PICTURES (because its Jonathan's chore to do videos, and he's busy doing my chore of vacuuming, check back for those later):

My first tooth
Sitting up and playing (one of the first few days of doing it consistently)
Just being cute in my new hat
Love this face
Me (8 months) and my buddy Eli (6 months) - HA!
Playing with mommy and cheesing for daddy
Trying to steal Bristol's toy-no worries, he's just licking me
Getting loved on by Bristol

Oh, and one more thing...we recently went with the Kim DeLoach of Kim DeLoach Photography, and asked her to do a couple of family shots, and shots of Emrick! Click here to see our slideshow of the day! Considering it was nap time, and a bit chilly, Kim made us look good!!! ***This is no surprise as I have coveted Kim's work for quite sometime! Check her out, she's awesome!

**The Video:


Mary Beth Spann said...

Love the update! :)

Keri Reaney said...

Well, I for one want you to stick with the blog, because I don't do facebook! :) Jonathan better stay with Furman long enough to pay for those photos! You HAVE to get every single one! I love them all!

Sabrina said...

love the video. and the detailed post. loved seeing you guys this weekend... twice!

Mountain Dreamer said...

Poppy and GrammieSue couldn't be more proud of all FOUR of you. Can't wait to see you this weekend. Don't worry about the long post (or not posting for awhile) it's worth every line. The words, the photos and the video are all precious and really let us see inside your wonderful heart and soul.
We love you all! You inspire me to get back to my blogging. I don't think I've posted since December. Now, do you feel better?