Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Summer and Emrick is ONE!

Can I go on record to say....I.adore.this.summer! I've had so much fun, enjoying being with Emrick, and we've had a great deal of time with Jonathan at home some too! It's been great! So, what have we done?

Well, we spent a week in Gatlinburg, TN with my entire family...17 people in one 4 room house, and we survived. See...we're all smiling (don't worry everyone, I won't tell any of our family secrets here on the blog)!
One big HAPPY family!

We also celebrated Jonathan's first Father's day at Bear Bottom with the Rowells. It is always so relaxing up there. And, although we didn't get a single picture of all the boys, we got both of the dads with their son!
Daddy and Me
Jonathan and his dad
*Look at that view!
A little fawn that we saw while up there...had to share!

Fourth of July we caught up with the Jacobs', the McKee's, and the Brooks'! *We did however, miss the Spann's! We didn't take many pictures, but here is one I stole from the McKee's blog of Emrick swinging.

Then, Emrick and I went to Nashville, to help Nikki become, Mrs. Jones. Mimi met us there, and babysat so I could fulfill MOH duties. It was a lot of fun, and I had so much fun catching up with both of my Strode buddies.
*Coming soon...a picture from the wedding! I took none~

And, last but not least, this past weekend we celebrated Emrick's first birthday with lots of good friends and some family. We had one friend in particular that is extremely talented with a lens in her hand, and she captured several special moments throughout the day. Most of those are on facebook, so head over there to check them out!
This face makes Mommy melt

I've also tried to spend the days with friends, and having playdates as much as possible with those we don't normally get to play with often. We even were visited by some great friends, the Byrd's. So, we've been busy, but it has all been so much fun! I am a little exhausted, but I am not really going to be happy about not spending everyday with Emrick. I am however, in need of a regualr schedule! I don't have much discipline to exercise, or do much else without one! (Maybe not with one either, but, it sounds good right!)

And, here are some things Emrick is up to these days:
-crawling (right after the last post, he decided he'd prove me wrong)
-walking around furniture, and with push toys (I think he's close to being able to do it himself, but he isn't a believer yet)
-talking: dada, all done, outside, and possibly "Poppy" (he's not interested in saying mama, and most of his words are pretty inconsistent - other than dada, of course)
-drinking from a sippy cup: he's had no more bottles since the day of his birthday (this is a big feat, because I wasn't convinced he would make the switch easily)
-clapping constantly (If you're happy and you know it, and Patty cake are favorite songs right now)
-waving (only after people are out of sight)
-blows kisses (this has become way more consistent than waving)
-eating pretty much everything in sight
-loving Bristol (he follows him everywhere and can often be found leaning his head into him to "give him sugar", Bristol doesn't always return the love)
-swimming: he's a big fan of the water
-washing clothes...okay, so maybe he isn't washing them, but he is fascinated with the washing machine
*I'm sure I'll be updating for a week as I remember other things as well!

PS - Jonathan said that our blog was dead...its not, right????

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Mountain Dreamer said...

Your blog is NOT dead. It is alive and well and I LOVED all the photos. Since I got to enjoy a few of the events it is even more enjoyable to read. I was there when Poppy rolled off of Emrick's tounge. At least that's what I thought he said and when Grammie Sue said she thought so too I was convinced. Of course it took me all weekend to finally get him to repeat POP-PY after saying it to him 100 times. Hey that's my job. Just call me Poppy.
Lastly you've inspired me to get back to writing in my own blog, bearbottomsparta.blogspot.com, which I haven't done since last year.
Emrick's birthday party was a lot of fun and we especially enjoyed meeting so many of his friends and seeing so many of your friends that we already knew.
Thanks to the Smith family for including us in their family vacation. Although we only got to be there for the last few days it was SO much fun and we really felt a part of the family. Thanks for including us.
We love you all.
Poppy and Grammie Sue