Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back 2 Life

As some "professional" bloggers might say, here is my *stream of consciousness to catch
everyone up on how we've been:

Well, life has return to normal in our house. It all started around August 9. I went back to school, Emrick went back to daycare, and Jonathan started his new job at Chick-Fil-A. This creates a very busy life for us. Since we've been back, Emrick has had a fever virus, shared it with daddy, and had an ear infection/sinus stuff. Thankfully though, the tubes seem to have done their job, and he only missed 1/2 a day of daycare. Honestly, we've been doing really well, fast-paced, but really well.
Labor day weekend, Jonathan and I traveled down to Atlanta to watch the LSU Tigers play UNC. It isn't very often that I get to watch them play in person, so it was much anticipated. It was a tiny bit interesting because our house is a Tiger house in the fall, and a Tarheel house in the winter (just the agreement we had to make) everyone wondered if there would be any arguing or division, but we managed to remain on the same team even if the Tigers almost lost it....In the end, all that matters is that LSU won, and we had a blast! On Sunday, we went to SkyTop Orchard. I don't really go to pick apples (although, we did pick a couple). I go to get the apple cider slushies and the apple cider cake doughnuts. I mean, it really is enough to convince anyone that they should go once a year (at least)!
Last weekend, Jonathan's buddy, Colt, got married in Montana, and we decided to go. Just Jonathan and I. We left Emrick in the care of his Grammy and Poppy, and went to Missoula for a few days. We had a great trip, and I loved seeing that part of the country for the first time. The wedding was beautiful, and we enjoyed being able to catch up with Colt and his sweet bride, Ericka, just a little. On Sunday, we headed up to Glacier National Park to take advantage of being so close. It was really incredibly beautiful.
Emrick is growing like a weed, and is learning to walk. He is walking about as much as he is crawling (if not more), and he is getting into everything. He is talking some, saying pretty much the same things that he's been saying for a while. He has been signing "please" since about 9 months old when he was prompted to do so, but has recently gotten decent at asking without whining, and without being prompted. One of his favorite things to do is to pull pillows of the couch or pull books off the shelf. Oh, and he LOVES Bristol's water bowl too...unfortunately. I think that's about all, enjoy some photos:

*Warning: Unless you REALLY love our family (and possibly even if you do), picture OVERLOAD below!

See he really does LOVE the washing machine

He also likes "naked-time" after bath-time

This is what happens when we don't have a nap before lunch

Trying to get the annual, "How tall are you?" picture

My favorite of the day:
Little Scarecrow

Love this, too

Missoula, Montana

I have a love-hate relationship with this one, but I love that you can see Jonathan and his expression in the reflection.

Don't we look like a little "honey-mooning" couple

Long-horned Sheep at Logan's Pass in Glacier Park

Such a gorgeous day!

This video depicts what we did just about every night for about two weeks as Emrick was learning to walk. We don't always bribe him with food, however, just so you know ;)

This video was taken one night while we were waiting for daddy to get off of work. It is mainly for my parents that don't get to see Emrick much, because it shows so much of his personality...except the very end, that parts rare, and I have no idea why he started...

PS - I have got to find a quicker way to upload our videos...that took way too long, any ideas?

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