Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just a Little Update

We have been pretty busy lately, and while its been fun, it makes me tired!  HA!  The first of February Jonathan took Emrick to his 18 month check-up.  He's getting so big so fast.  He weighed about 24 lbs which puts him in the 20 something-th percentile (I'm going off of memory because I'm "resting," and can't go get the paper).  I don't remember how tall he was, but he was in the 70 something-th percentile (but the doctor said the measurement could be slightly off)!  Either way, the boy is tall and skinny!  He's getting really fun, and I find myself laughing at him all the time.  He's learning so many new words, and continues to be super sweet, and such a ham.  Everyday when we leave daycare, he has to tell the whole building "bye" especially the baby room and the director.

We (and by we I mean, his grammy and poppy) recently got him a toddler bed, and got the baby a mini-crib so that they could have more space in their room.  I really thought that there would be a week or so of transition time, but so far Emrick has done awesome.  He hasn't had one night in the last six that its been hard to get him in bed.  I sure hope that this continues!

We got a sweet package in the mail from my aunt, Jeanne.  She sent us a Valentine, and included was a precious love bug blanket for Emrick...he loves it!

I put it on his bed, and tried to film him...I was trying to get him to say "thank you" and then just share some of his new words for everyone.  Except, he was way more interested in playing.  Its not really that interesting of a video, but if you are family, you'll love seeing how grown up he is.  So full of  life and fun!

In other news, we go on Monday for our twenty week ultrasound.  Emrick will go to daycare, and Jonathan has the day off, so I am excited about spending some one on one time with Jonathan.  I, however, get anxious before the twenty week ultrasound because it is so much more than finding out the gender...they do lots of measuring and assessing, and that always brings a new level of anxiety for me.  Please be praying that I will fully trust the Lord, and find a peace in Him!  We could find out the gender on Monday, but we aren't...we are having the tech write it down, and we will find out with many friends and family on March 5....I'm not sure that I will be able to contain myself those few days!  So excited!

And, we are still raising prayer support and funds for Jonathan's trip to Nicaragua in March.  Thanks to everyone that has committed to pray for Jonathan and to those that have given financially.  If you want more info about his trip, please click here to read his post about it!

We are so blessed!  I hope we always remember that, and try to take nothing for granted!

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