Friday, January 7, 2011

Exciting Opportunity

Hi all, Jonathan here.....what has it been? Almost two years since my last post (?)....guess I am a man of few words!

I have an exciting opportunity coming up this year.  In March of 2011 I will be with a group from Grace Church heading down to Nicaragua for 8 days.  I believe we will be in Rivas working with the local churches and Christ for the City International on a medical/construction mission trip.  I love the way that CFCI works with Grace and the local churches, we go down to provide skills (medical or muscle) and this brings the local community to where we are.....everyone that comes through the clinic gets to sit down and hear the Gospel message from a person from the local church.  You might ask why this is a big deal.....well it is because the local church will be there long after we are gone to love on and support their community.  For those that decide to give their life to Christ in those 8 days, there is support there for them......for those that are still lost, there has been contact made by the church that they can follow up on.  We as a church in Greenville can love and pray for these people, but the truth is we wont be there for them in their time of need.....the local church will be.  If we can strengthen  (through Grace teaching trips) and support/give credibility (through construction/medical trips) to the local church, they can use that to impact their community and change lives......what Grace is all about.

Many of you know the powerful story of Bailey and I's first trip to Nicaragua and unfortunately only I will be making this trip.  I am excited to see Gods hand in this trip and am really excited to be going with some men that I respect and that have an amazing passion for the people of Nicaragua.  I will need your help in a couple of ways though:

1)  Most importantly I need you to pray for our preparation, our team and the locals we will come in contact with......pray that God will open our eyes as well as theirs and prepare each of our hearts to worship and be open to his will.  There are alot of things that go into making this trip happen successfully....pray that it all comes together.  Pray for Bailey and Emrick and the little one yet to be identified for their safety and an easy week of being a single mom.  And mostly pray that Gods will is done and that he is glorified in all things we do!

2) For those of you that can and feel led to, I will need financial support to make all this happen.  The total cost for the trip is $1600 with most of that being transportation related.  We would like to have this fully raised by the end of January.....but as long as we can get it by March...that is good too!  Any amount will help and I would just ask that you would pray about it and do as you feel led.....

If all you can offer is prayer.....I would love it if you could pray diligently that everyone that is on or comes in contact with this trip is moved and their lives are changed.  Thank you guys for loving our family and thank you for every once in awhile checking this blog to see what is up with the Edmonds family......until next time....


If you would like to contribute financially please send a check to either address below with Edmonds-Nicaragua written in the memo line

Edmonds directly - Jonathan Edmonds, 10 Southcreek Dr, Travelers Rest SC  29690

Church directly - Grace Church, 2801 Pelham Rd, Greenville SC 29615

Bailey and I in Villa el Carmen............

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