Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Friend's Passion

     Last fall, Jonathan and I started hanging out with a couple of college kids (Heather and Michael) that have quickly become some of our favorite people.  In many ways they remind us of ourselves, and for some reason, they don't mind hanging out with us from time to time.  Heather even watches Emrick for me, as I'm sure that Michael would too if I were in a bind (only Heather might have to come change the poopy diapers for him-but he's a college kid, and I'm not sure many college boys have or would be willing to change a dirty diaper, so we'll let him slide)-but I digress!
     We admire their passion for ministry (both of them have it), and its exciting to see them ready to move toward whatever mission God has for each them.  One of Heather's first conversations with me was about her passion to help bring awareness to the sex trafficking and sexual exploitation industry in the United States.  She made the point that while most people aren't terribly surprised that this industry exists in other countries, few know or at least want to admit that it is in America.  It exist in your neighborhood.  We've talked here and there about it since that conversation.  I know that her desire is to start a group of interested individuals that would help her bring awareness to the issue.  So, when she recently handed me a book called Renting Lacy by Linda Smith, and asked me to read it.  I wasn't surprised, and I knew it would mean alot to her if I actually read it.  I am not a big reader for those of you that don't know...or a reader at all.  I mean my goal for this year was to finish three books!  That's it - 3!  I told her I would.  Little did I know that this would be the first book of the year that I finished.
     It's hard to describe this book.  I can't say it's a good book...it's terribly heart-breaking, and uses terrible language from time to time.  I can't say its not a good book, I couldn't stop reading it (and again, for a non-reader like myself that's huge).  But, its real.  It uses the language and the scenes that actually exist in the world that these girls live in.  It is incredibly insightful, and humbling.  There are times that it will make you sad, and others that will make you insanely angry.  Would I recommend it?  Yes, but be forewarned...it's graphic (to use Heather's words)!  Then as it says at the end of the book, tell someone else to read it too!  If you ever want to talk about it, I'm willing, and I'm sure Heather would be too!

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