Monday, March 28, 2011

I Told You!

I told you we missed that face!  Here's a cute video, but first a few disclaimers:
*the video does this moment NOOOO... justice
*pay close attention to Emrick's face...that smile didn't leave (expect when I tried to hold him while Jonathan got his luggage...he was stuck to his daddy)
*you can't hear it, but as soon as Jonathan lifted Emrick up, he said, "my daddy," and I can hear it replay in my head over and over...absolutely the sweetest words I've heard him say!
*after the video, we were walking toward baggage, and Emrick kept saying, "mama, mama" and tapping was almost like he was trying to say, "Mama, look, look, its daddy...I found him, its daddy!"

Oh, my gosh, how I love these two (and a half) boys.  They make me smile!


JOY Newsletter said...

love that video... isn't it great to be loved by a kid???? your family is precious.

Susan said...

I can't stop watching this video....too precious!