Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Before and Afters

      We've been up to alot around here, so this post promises to be a ton of before and after pictures, plus some others for those too far away to see us for themselves!  Have fun!

The Living Room (BEFORE):

 The Living Room (AFTER):

The Hair (BEFORE) - Sorry its blurry!:

 The Hair (AFTER):

The Boys' Room (AFTER) - 
Because I don't have a before...I referenced this project on Facebook...this is the project that Grammie and Poppy helped us get accomplished in one weekend:
 LOVE these cubbies...and Emrick is really learning to put everything on the shelves!
PS-He is totally cheesing here, he HAD to be in the pictures

 We are planning on removing the dresser to the left and changing table (they make getting into the bathroom difficult to say the least)...anyone want/need them...first to come get them can have them!
The dresser in the back is a new purchase and fits clothes for both boys and serves as a changing table too!

      As far as the boys' room goes, there are still a few things I would love to do...shelves for one, and pictures of this sweet boy in my belly, two; but I guess I'll have to wait on the second one!  
      The next several pictures aren't before and afters, but just show what we've been up to!

This is what happens when you try to repeat a picture two years later...such a mess:
Two years ago:

This picture isn't really great, but my belly cracks me up in this picture!  No wonder I can't ever breathe!
This is from my shower at work-it was pretty much AWESOME!

 One of my co-workers made this cake...isn't it precious!  And, it's a shame you can't taste it...YUMMO!

 This picture does our reality no justice.  The green thing in the bottom left corner is a pack-n-play standing upright.  After our two showers, mainly my school shower, the amount of diapers is just as tall. In front of the diapers are all the wipes we were given.  I think we're set for a little while, and we are quite blessed-Thank you sweet co-workers...you AMAZE me!
Oh, and PS - the small blue area you see in the bottom right?  YEP, my belly!!!

because he's so darn cute!

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Mary Beth said...

He IS so cute! And I love the haircut! And yay for your floors!!
Miss seeing you guys!