Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Time!

     No, not for the baby...YET!  But, it is getting closer...I actually can't believe we're (hopefully) less than a month away from being a family of four.  Are we ready?  Probably partly, but definitely not completely!  I'm not sure I know how to be until he's here!
's time to start making some predictions!!!  Jonathan and I started a little poll between the two of us, and I wanted to open it up to everyone else.  When do you think Becker will join us, and what do you think he'll weigh?

Jonathan - July 3, 9lb 4oz
Bailey - July 9, 9lb 9oz (no I'm not hoping for this, but my first baby weighed the same as my mom's first, and her second was 9lb 15oz, so I'm just wishful hoping for a grace of 6oz!! And, no, I wasn't the ten pound fatso...that would be my sister - haha - LOVE YOU)!

*We are thinking that he could be 9lbs because I'm a little larger this go around (for those of you that can't see me).  Emrick was July 12 and 8lb 1oz (just so you know)!

Leave a comment here, or on the link on Facebook...If I can think of something fun, that my husband will agree to...I would love to give a prize to the closest guess!

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Elizabeth said...

I think July 4 and 9lbs. 4 oz :) Can't wait to meet him!