Thursday, July 14, 2011

Becker's Arrival

Warning:  I plan to be open about Becker's delivery, which may come across to some as graphic!  FYI!

     As Becker's due date got closer and closer, and my body seemed more prepared for labor this go around (meaning I had actually dilated and softened some on my own), we decided that if Becker hadn't shown up by July 6, we would induce.  So, early Wednesday morning I called the hospital, told them I had an induction scheduled for 7:30am.  They said that there was a small "bed crunch" and to come in at 8 instead.  By the time I got there, got a room, got all the forms and waivers signed, we started pitocin by about 9.  My doctor stuck her head in, and checked on me.  She said that she would come back around lunch to break my water.  Then, we waited.  Jonathan even "facebooked"that the waiting was similar to two years ago referring to Emrick's 36 hour long induction.  At lunch I think I may have been at 5cm.  We had started the day at 3cm, so this wasn't very hopeful that things were moving much quicker.  Jonathan is also now convinced that my body doesn't respond to pitocin because the nurse was pumping that stuff up just as fast as she could and I was barely feeling any contractions.  Finally, my doctor returned, broke my water and said things would intensify.  And they did quickly!  Luckily, the nurse went ahead and put in for my epidural.
     All was good, until I could start feeling "break through" contractions on my left side, and they were very uncomfortable.  My nurse checked me and said that I was 8 or 9cm, so I was really nervous they wouldn't be able to give me any more medicine before I needed to push.  BUT, luckily they were able to!  Just about as soon as it began to work, the doctor came in and said, we were going to check and hopefully try to start pushing.  And that's what we did.  I remember looking at the clock and the granddaddies leaving at 5.  We pushed a total of four times, and Becker was here.  I looked back at the clock and it said 5:05.  The actual time on all of his paperwork says 5:04.  QUICK!  It was good, and can I just say that I LOVE my doctor...she's so calm and collective, and just all around great!
      Becker was 8lbs, 11oz, 21 and 3/4 inches long, and was delivered at 5:04.
       **Sidenotes:  The scariest thing about Becker's delivery is the news we got after he was born...not only did Becker's cord get wrapped around his neck (a couple of times I think), but when the doctor pulled his cord out, there was a knot in it.  The nurse mentioned how scary that could have been.  My mom or Jonathan's mom (can't remember) asked the nurse how we would have known he had done this, and what the result could've been.  She responded that there wouldn't have been a way to know other than his heart rate decreasing rapidly.  The realization hit me, that we could've lost him, and how very fortunate we are that he is here and that he is safe!  We are loving this little guy.

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