Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dinner and Goodies

The last week of the month can sometime be a challenge on our budget, especially when I'm not working, running the roads, and eating lunch out constantly!!!  So, this week, I've been trying to come up with dinner solutions that we didn't have to buy many ingredients for, and found some crawfish tails in our freezer.  I decided, that I would attempt my hand at Crawfish Pies (empanadas really).  Tonight, Jonathan helped me as we sauteed onions, green peppers, and a little garlic...we added some dirty rice we had left over from last night's dinner, and I stuffed them in circles made out of pre-made pie crusts.  We baked them at 425 for about 12 min...YUMMO!  I also had Jonathan help me by boiling corn and potatoes in crab boil and water.  I really enjoyed it, and it was what I had pictured...hopefully he liked it too!  Here is a picture of our delish and easy dinner:

 A couple of days ago (maybe a week by now), I mentioned on Facebook that my aunt sent us some fun goodies for the boys.  This aunt's brother is the man that Emrick is named after, which means that she is an "Emrick" too!  She has constantly made us feel so incredibly loved, especially since Emrick was born, with special handmade, personalized gifts.  It all came at the perfect time too, cause I was missing my Nana knowing that had she still been here and herself, she would be making goodies for my babies.  Having Aunt Jeanne selfishly give to us in a way similar to what I know Nana would want swells my heart!  Thank you again, Aunt Jeanne, for loving us sooooo well!
She made both boys pillows with their names, a sweet monkey diaper bag that has Becker's name on the back, monkey lovies (we have had Emrick's for a while-the blue one, but upon seeing Becker's, we had to grab Emrick's), and two other soft and cuddly little blankets.  It is very possible that I left out something, cause she's just that good!
 Emrick has learned to be quite the ham...NO IDEA where that comes from.  He loves the camera, and anytime we get it out, he starts..."CHEESE, CHEESE MOMMY, CHEESE"  and this is his latest cheese cracks me up!

 And, this is us cheesing in the kitchen tonight while daddy was trying to take the picture of our dinner.  My face is actually more "cheesy" than his...ummm....wonder what that means?

We are patiently waiting for Becker to make his debut.  Doctor thinks it could go faster (please) this time, and so I am basically just wanting the contractions to start-she seemed to think it would go fairly quickly once they started!  Which all boils down to, it could be tonight, or we could stay at a holding pattern for who knows how long!  

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