Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anyone There?

Time for a picture update, don't ya think?  Me too, but first, just some sentences for fun!

1.  Jonathan and I discussed over Thanksgiving how fast this year has flown by, and yet we don't really remember doing a ton in that time.  My conclusion is either, we need better memories, or we aren't doing enough around us.  Life change should be occurring, and this conversation really made me think about what we were doing as a family and individually to make sure it is happening.  I am sure glad that grace renews in the morning!  

2.  Jonathan once made a comment when Emrick was born that children reveal how selfish you are...I thought, "You're crazy...I love this...I was made for this."  UNTIL Becker was born.  I have been a bitter mommy lately.  Jealous of anyone that gets to sleep uninterrupted, of anyone that can easily go shopping with only one, or better yet no children, of anyone that "gets to be sick" (because my boys are usually sick at the same time as mommy, so mommy has to push through).  In the past couple of weeks, maybe even months, I feel that selfishness that Jonathan was talking about.  I'm sure it was there with Emrick, but I see it constantly since Becker's been born.  I know this is just a season (and I am THANKFUL for that), and I want to be grateful for the greatest gifts God's given me-all three of my boys, so this is something I am trying to work on daily.  

3.  Emrick is halfway potting training (suggestions welcomed).  I plan to really focus on it over the Christmas break.  The 8-9 hour drive to Mississippi should be interesting!  Anyway, he gets a skittle every time he "pee pees in the potty" at school.  So, we started this at home to so that the routine is always the same.  Well....every time he goes, he gets one (usually not a red one), and mommy gets 4-5 red ones!!  Yep, I LOVE the RED ones!

4.  I actually asked Jonathan if we really needed a Christmas tree this year...We always go to the tree farm and actually cut one down.  Yep, he vetoed me.  Looks like we'll be continuing our tradition in the next couple of weekends.  AND, I am actually glad.  

5.  Since we both got iPhones recently, I hardly ever get on the computer anymore, which really hinders the blog updating!

6.  I miss my friend, LIBBY!  Do ya hear that, LIBBY???  Yes, she gets a shout out, which I don't normally do, because I always worry about leaving someone out.  Well,  we hung out about once a week after Becker was born, and I was on maternity leave.  I went back to work Sept 14, and she brought us dinner that night...and guess what...have NOT seen her since...true story...sad huh?!?!

7.  Cacy Collins Morgan...was gonna call you Cacy Collins...oh, my!  Anyway, don't know how much you come to this here blog, but so tremendously excited for you!  My heart is overjoyed!  REALLY need a phone date soon.

8.  Landon Thomas Spann, we DO love you, and one day we WILL meet you.  Between holidays, illnesses, etc, we have not met precious little man that was born Oct 22 to our beloved friends the Spanns.  It makes me oh, so day soon!  (and he gets a shout out because he's special...;) and shout outs are now over)

9.  This is here to make the list ten items long ;)

10.  There is nothing like the love of my family (especially my hubby).  Loving me despite of myself.  The boys smiles, Jonathan's's awesome.  I am grateful for it, and hope it outshines my bitterness more than not.  

Okay, thanks for hanging around through what ended up to be a confession session...I hope all of you had a great and reflective Thanksgiving!  Here goes:   
Notice the's one of daddy's work ties!  Yep, we love CFA!
Emrick's new "CHEESE" face-Can't we just smile, buddy?
That's better!
Emrick is always singing to Becker, and trying to make him do the motions!
Bathtime fun...Please notice Becker's expression.
And just for comparisons sake: 
Emrick on Halloween 2009
Becker on Halloween 2011
See you soon...hopefully before two months from now, but no promises!

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Mountain Dreamer said...

I loved all of it. Partly because it was from the heart of my favorite daughter-in-law (as she will be the first to point out, my ONLY daughter-in-law), and partly because we have all had some of those same kinds of feelings at one time or another. Thank you for being you and for loving all of our boys so unconditionally!
We love you!