Monday, February 13, 2012

These Days

I started this post literally weeks ago.  And, I started with how hard life had been lately.  But, since then life has slowed some...and Becker has slept some, which has helped tremendously.  So, I decided to scratch all the complaining and just post the updates! AND, even since then, life has gotten better.  Jonathan and I just spent an entire weekend away.  We needed it, and are blessed enough that Poppy and Grammie Sue were willing to watch the boys for us.  I have to give Poppy credit...there aren't many grandfathers that would have done what he did all by himself until Grammie could join Friday afternoon.  You guys rock!

The boys are doing pretty well.  Emrick is somewhat potty training but it is hard when I'm at work all week, then we go to church on Sunday.  The only day we are here all day is on Saturday, and one day each week just doesn't seem to be doing much.  Maybe Poppy and Grammie Sue can work on that in a couple of weeks when they have the boys!  ;)
He is getting so big so fast.  Some days I'm really proud, and others I'm super sad that he's growing a little too fast.  He talks more and more each day.  He's a great helper, and LOVES his baby brother.  He still calls him "Baby" most of the time (probably because I do), but will say his name now, too!  He loves to read, sing, and dance.  He likes to watch his reflection in windows and dishwashers.  His laugh is infectious, and he runs and walks like "Sid the Science Kid".  Man, do I love that kid.  He is such an easy child (so far).
Emrick's health has been decent I guess I'd say.  He's had one stomach bug this year.  But, he's had several ear infections.  This year, they don't seem to be as painful.  However, he just came off a super strong antibiotic because it just wouldn't go away, or would switch sides.  He seems to be a little better now.  And, after a follow-up at the allergist, he's on another antibiotic for a sinus infection...ugh.  I'm hoping we'll stay clear of having to do tubes a second round, but I'm not necessarily against it.

As far as Becker, he's a funny boy.  We've already noticed his little temper.  If a toy falls out of reach, or if Emrick tries to take a toy, he screams...he gets mad-for.real.  It's kinda funny, but I hate it for him...its going to hurt learning that not everything is his, and that the world doesn't revolve around him.  I think coming under authority is going to be a little tougher for him.  He's so big.  Above the 60% in every category.  He babbles more than I ever remember Emrick doing, but he doesn't have any teeth yet  I think he's about to pop his first tooth out (Emrick already had two by now).  He eats like a champ most days.  He is still exclusively nursing when we're at home.  I pump while at work (I pumped 70oz this weekend while we were away), and just started supplementing with formula at the beginning of January.  It's funny to me how different that part is...Emrick only nursed for four months and I was so done, but with Becker it's been hard (on me, not him) to even give him formula.  His favorite person is Emrick, but he also LOVES LOVES his daddy.  He is constantly looking and smiling at Jonathan.  It is quite cute.

All my pictures are on my phone, but I'll try to get some on here soon and very soon!

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Mountain Dreamer said...

We had a blast hanging out with our "little men" a couple of weekends back. They are wonderful boys and why shouldn't they be? Look at the parents and the stock they come from. OK, so maybe I am a little prejudiced but they truly are sweet children and I consider it a privilege and an honor to be their Poppy! I love you all!