Thursday, May 17, 2012

How can you support us?

This question isn't rhetorical.  We have a real need, and a real desire, and we are really asking, "How can you support us?"  At the end of this post, I would love to hear the ways!  By now you are probably asking yourself..."What are they talking about?"  Well, here's the deal:

Jonathan and I both have a real passion for missions.  We love being able to work alongside other believers while meeting needs of other people.  Honestly, though, we love missions because of what we gain from it (yep, we're selfish).  Every time that we have been involved in serving others, we grow closer to the Lord.  We spent our first anniversary in Nicaragua in 2008.  Since then, Jonathan has been on a missions trip almost every year.  I, on the other hand, have found my place at home, taking care of babies (which I LOVE).  But, this year, I began feeling God calling me to trust Him.  To let go of the boys for a week, and serve Him.  I knew that this meant, whether just I went with the team from our church, or whether Jonathan and I both were able to go.  I knew I needed to depend on Him, and just apply.  So, I did.  A couple of weeks later, Jonathan (after getting permission from his boss), applied as well.  Turns out, we've both been accepted onto the team going to Rivas, Nicaragua (July21-29).  We are really excited, and we are just beginning to do some team building (however, 6 of the 19 team members are in our community group, so we already feel like a team).  As we begin preparing, these are the areas where we could use some help:

-Prayer:  Please, please pray for us!  I already get anxious about leaving the boys for that long if I sit and think about it.  I'm sure Jonathan will have work stress that he is thinking about...and I KNOW that Satan will use these two things and others to distract us, and wage war on us.  Please pray that God will remain the focus of our hearts.  That we would be dependent on Him as we prepare, and while we are gone.  Pray knowing that God will be glorified in the work that we will help do.  Pray for the hearts of the people in Nicaragua, that their hearts will be soft, and that they will see evidence of a living, powerful, loving, righteous Savior.  We are taking medical personnel (doctors, nurses, etc).  Pray for wisdom and endurance as they see/treat as many patients as they can.  We are also taking teachers that will teach the Nicaraguan pastors, pray that they have adequate time to prepare and that they are clear in what the Lord wants them to present.  In addition, there will be language barriers, stomach issues, and many, many more issues, so just prayer in general is a great need, and most important need.  And, don't forget to pray for our boys...they won't be used to being away from us for this long either.  I hope that one day they will see it as their sacrifice so that the ends of the world will know our God.

-Encouragement:  We will be away from HOME, for over week.  That may not seem like a big deal, or a long time, but for seems like a LONG time to be away from the boys that I spend everyday with.  If we aren't working, we are normally all together.  Not to mention, it will be hot, sticky, and possibly rainy.  There will be a great opportunity for frustration to set in if we allow it!  If you have any creative ways to shower us with encouragement, I know there will be times during our week that I WILL need it.  I would love to collect scripture, notes, prayers, etc before our trip to read and reflect on while we are gone.  If you know of anything that could help, please send it our way!

-Financially:  Unfortunately, our trip will cost!  While we know and understand that not everyone can help in this way, we know that some can, and are willing.  For our airfare, food, and lodging, we are being asked to raise/pay $1800 each.  If this is something that you feel led to help us with, you can chose one of two ways to do so:
         1.  Send us your support: 10 South Creek Dr, Travelers Rest, SC, 29690
or (more preferred option)
         2.  Send our church support for this trip in our name:  Grace Church - 2801 Pelham Rd, Greenville,   SC, 29615 (Please put Edmonds-NICA in the memo line)

We will be once again working with Christ for the City International.  And, we are so excited to work with the local church to meet practical needs.  We find great peace that once we leave, the local church will be a little more prepared to meet the needs of their community.  So, will you join us?  I know that there is someway you can help!  We thank you in advance for being willing to serve us, the people of Nicaragua, and the Lord!

**Be on the lookout for more information!**

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