Monday, July 9, 2012

There's Still Time...

In most cases, this phrase is true.  I have to remember to not let life just pass me by, leaving me filled with regret about something I "intended" to do.  As is the case we present to you today; if you have been wondering if we still needed support or supplies, the answer is:  YES, we are still in need of a couple of things for our upcoming Nicaragua Trip.  Please prayerfully consider joining our team, and partnering with us on this journey:

1.  Prayer - Will you commit to praying for us, our team, the Nicaraguans, our boys and Grammie Sue and Poppy?  (Truth be known, I am still very concerned about leaving two "momma loving" boys...I know it is good for them, not really worried about them, but Grammie Sue and Poppy)

2.  Patient Gifts - I am in charge of patient gifts, and we could use more: finger nail clippers, combs, toothbrushes, travel size shampoo, travel size soap, travel size toothpaste, etc  (If you are willing to get some this week while you are out and about, I will come get them from you)

3.  Financial Partners - We have reached about 63% of our support team.  This leaves us about $1325 short of what we need for our trip.  If you would be willing to partner with us in this way, it would be a great blessing to us.  Please choose one of the following options for all contributions:
1. Send us your support: 10 South Creek Dr, Travelers Rest, SC, 29690
or (more preferred option)
2. Send our church support for this trip in our name: Grace Church - 2801 Pelham Rd, Greenville, SC, 29615 (Please put Edmonds-NICA in the memo line)

A HUGE thank you goes to EVERYONE that has already joined our team (from financial support to patient gifts, and even the encouragement letters we have gotten for each day, which I am SO excited about).  There is NO WAY, we could do this without the body of Christ united with us.  We have a tremendous support system that is already helping us carry this weight.  Will you be the next to join?  We have complete faith that God will provide!  To Him be all the glory!

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