Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Boys

I figured I better do a post about the boys birthday parties since I asked Poppy for pictures (and he promptly sent them as soon as he could, regardless of the time).  Since the boys are only 6 days apart, I figured joint birthday parties are in our future for the next couple of years (at least until one boy complains).  However, this year, I wanted to have a FIRST birthday party for Becker.  So I did something insane.  I invited our friends to two different parties in two days.  The parties fell about ten days after I was on an almost three week vacation.  So, needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed with what I should do to pull off these two parties.  Well....between myself and Poppy (he's probably one of the only people that read this anyway) I think we managed two pretty cute afternoons.  I, at least know that they were fun.  Thank you to Poppy for all of the ideas, and work that you put forth.  Could not have done it without you.  Also, thanks to everyone that came...we had a blast, and the boys felt so loved.  We are truly blessed.  Let the picture overload begin!

July 7th...Becker's 1st Birthday Splash by the TRUCKload:
Cute Birthday Banner by Poppy

Festive Food Table - Trucks and Cones on a Road

Eating a Yummy Pimento and Cheese

Cute Sweet Landon

Birthday Cake Time - Big Brother Helping Blow Out Candle

"Poppy, that's one yummy cake"

A truck in a truck wearing a truck
July 8th...Emrick's Freight Sized Fun, Mickey on a Train Party
Super Cute Cake by Poppy

Our Shelter "Mickey-ed Out"

Pretending to Blow Out the Candle (we forgot a lighter)

"But, I want to open it now!"

We decided to do basically the same food for both parties.  We had a cupcake bar with plain cupcakes, various icing, and many different toppings.  We also had a couple of sandwiches, and a salsa bar.  We really had the best time.  I know Becker won't remember (and Jonathan actually gives me a hard time about that), but I hope they can both look back at pictures and cherish the memories we tried to build with them.  I, for one will remember celebrating these two boys!...So blessed!

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Mary Beth Spann said...

Both parties were sooo cute... and sooo fun! So happy that we got to celebrate both boys with y'all!!