Monday, August 10, 2009

One Month Old

So I posted the following picture with the caption: "Such a big boy!" on my facebook page:

The irony? Emrick is quite the little guy. We had his one month well check today and Emrick weighs 8lb 3oz (yea...finally back to birth weight), he is 21 and 3/4 inches long, and his head is 14 and 3/4 inches around. He is in the 13th percent for weight, 33rd percent for length, and 11th percent for his head circumference. None of that is concerning...he's just little! However, we are still trying to figure out the whole weight gaining thing. It took us a whole month to get back to birth weight, but maybe now we are on the right track!
He also fusses quite a bit, so Jonathan and I are trying to learn to be patient and tag-team the fussy times. It is hard to tell if he is gassy, hungry, or just a little spoiled. We love our little guy, but 3 minutes of loud screaming can seem like an eternity, not to mention 30 minutes or longer. Whoever said that the first two weeks were hard LIED...the first month is hard, but totally worth it.
It is worth it on many levels, but one being the things that Jonathan and I are learning, and being exposed to! Being a parent has completely exposed so many sinful qualities in both of us. While this is never fun, it is beneficial to know that within our root we are terribly sinful, and we still need to seek help from our Lord.
I have to say, I couldn't do this parenting thing alone...We are definitely having to work together to get through each day, and every night. I am extremely blessed with a husband that knows me well enough to know my strengths and my weaknesses, and he steps in where needed, and back as necessary. Such a blessing.
We have also been blessed with meals from many of our friends, and are still receiving meals. Every other night, friends have stopped by, dropped off meals, and shared encouraging words. Some friends have stayed long enough to watch a movie or vacuum or fold clothes or take over holding a sweet, but fussy little guy. There are times that I struggle with self-pity wishing I had friendships like this or that, and I take the friendships I have for granted. It is in times like this where I am shown the value and the depth of the friendships I do have, and I couldn't live without them...again, Such a blessing.
While there are trying times in the journey of parenthood, it has also presented so many blessings as well...enjoy a few photos of one of the biggest blessings:

Just hanging out!


My favorite past time!

After my fussy spells, we all have a little headache!

I love my paci...gotta hold it in my mouth!

P.S. Just finished working on birth announcements, and am so excited about getting them in and sending them out, so be on the lookout!

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Wendell said...

We miss you guys. Emrick is growing up sooooo fast. Rub his nose from Poppy!
We love you all!