Thursday, July 30, 2009

What do you say?

Since Emrick has joined our family, we haven't really had much to post. We have been learning one another and sleeping very what else is there to say??? However, I know that won't get me off the hook!
We spent a lot of the first couple of weeks with Emrick here in the pediatrician's office looking after Emrick's jaundice and weight gain. Emrick bottomed out at 7lbs and 9 oz...and stayed there a little longer than we would have liked. Therefore, we are now supplementing each feeding with 1/2 oz of formula. It isn't terrible, and at his last check he was back to 7lb and 14 oz. We are definitely on our way back to birth weight!!!!! We have also lost our umbilical cord, and taken our first bath. Emrick really loved his bath! Emrick has pretty much decided that he likes being awake from 12-2 AM, and his second favorite play time is from 4-4:30 AM. Luckily Jonathan and I trade off. We are just starting to train Emrick to go to bed without us holding him. He pretty much sleeps in our arms until we lay him down...then screams when we try to put him in his crib :/ So, starting tonight, we are letting him learn to go to bed...he isn't a big fan, and it pretty much breaks my heart...but I won't be sad when he learns that this is okay, and that we love him despite abandoning him to his crib!
Okay so this is pretty much the worse blog that I have written in a while...but oh are some pictures to make up for it:

Oh, and here's one to show what we haven't been doing.......could this really be my kitchen????

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Mountain Dreamer said...

WOW! The photos are amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on him this weekend. I have hugs and kisses for you all. This was NOT a bad blog. Even if you just post a sentence or two and a few pictures we'll all be happy. We just want to know you are all well and happy. Love you all! Dad/Poppy