Friday, September 4, 2009

Birth Announcements and Stats

Just a quick update before our next feeding! I recently finished thank you notes and sent out birth announcements - if we didn't have your address, or yours hadn't gotten to you yet, here is the finished product:


A friend of a friend, Shilo helped us with them...and I love them, they really came out terrific!
We recently went to a weight check on August 24...Emrick weighed 8 lbs and 13 ozs at 6 weeks. While I think that is still tiny, it was almost an ounce a day since his previous check, so we are on the right track!!!!! When I see other babies his age, he looks about the same length, just a little skinny! We are getting into a routine, and for that I am thankful! Oh...he's crying...time to eat! Be back soon - we have a check up September 14, I'll post more recent photos and new stats!

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