Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Magnificent Monday!

There were a couple of things that really made yesterday a terrific day! First, we had Emrick's 2 month check-up. Guess what -10lbs 4oz!!! For us that is huge...more than an ounce a day since our last check. The doctor said, he's not a very big guy, but he's growing and that's what matters!!!!!!!! He moved up to the 16th percentile! And, he is 23 inches long which places him in the 52nd percentile. The worse part of the visit was his 2 month shots. He did fairly well, and I was a big girl (thought I would cry, but was able to hold it together). It is such a relief that he is finally gaining weight at a more normal weight, whatever normal means.
The second part of yesterday is that Emrick got news that he would grow up with a wingman...Elijah Barton Spann, aka Eli was born. The Spanns are special friends, and we are so excited that our boys will be so close in age. Donald and Mary Beth chose to be surprised by the sex of this baby, so Emrick has been wondering, girlfriend or wingman? I think at this point, he's very excited to have a best bud! We are excited for you, Spanns, and can't wait to journey through this stage of life with you!
I'll leave you with some recent (and not so recent) pictures of the little guy:
4 weeks (his daddy plays with his hair when he's tired, too!)

Relaxing in the Tub at 7 Weeks

Almost 8 Weeks

Sleepy Heads

Happy 9 Week Old

These are a tad bit older (around 1-2 weeks old):

And ready to "Play Ball" at almost 6 weeks

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