Friday, November 6, 2009

So where do I start

Hi all....Jonathan here. It has been such a long time since Ive put anything on here....not that there hasnt been anything going on....Ive just had excuses to not blog! Bailey, Emrick, Bristol and I are all doing well. Some of you know that Emrick had been sick, well we treated him for a sinus infection and things still didnt go away, so now we are treating for reflux. Its one of those things that you treat and see if treatment helps....the tests to actually find out if you have it seem painful at best. His symptoms seem to all have a common denominator in the reflux arena (very House[TV show] like). Those symptoms are the girgling when he eats, sometimes fussiness when he eats (mostly at daycare) and the the slow or no weight gain! This has been the biggest thing for Bailey and I....last doctors app on Wed he was 11 lbs and 2 oz.....yeah and he was 8-1 when he was born! While that may not sound astonishing, the fact is that when he went to the doc 2-3 weeks ago, he was 11 lbs even! So hopefully the reflux thing helps. We arent majorly concerned as he seems great other wise....but it is hard sometimes when you think to yourself "am I doing something wrong". I think its just another thing that God is teaching us to let go of....

We are enjoying being parents...we are getting to a stage that I am enjoying now, more so than the others. Emrick is starting to react and laugh and giggle alot more, which is fun for me. I just cant help but smile and laugh when he does....its great. It is also neat to hear bailey talking to him in his room in the mornings and hearing him laugh. She has done a great job with him and just being a mother in general. She has also done a great job at keeping me involved (even though I bet she wants me more involved, especially at 4 in the morning...Ill work on that) by having me hold him as soon as I get home, and just talking to him about me. That may not sound like much, but when I feel that I am away from him so is nice to know that she reminds him about me! She has been a trooper though, it is pretty amazing and I am really lucky to have a wife like her......cause man I dont think I could do it. Hopefully we will get some pics up here soon.....and be more active on the blog!! Talk to yall later!!

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