Monday, December 7, 2009

Four Months and Baby Dedication

We recently went back to the doctor for our four month well check-and boy are we getting LONG!! Emrick is 25 3/4 inches long (63%). Now, notice, I didn't say he was getting big, because he only weighs 12 pounds (we won't discuss the percentile there). Although there are days when I worry we aren't doing something right, my instinct is that we are, and his body has super high metabolism. The hardest part is when others tell us there must be something wrong since he isn't gaining weight. We don't think so, because he is growing a ton...just not getting very heavy. We also trust our doctor, and he always is good to listen to us and check Emrick out thoroughly. Emrick is getting so big - He is...
-loving to check out his feet
-beginning to learn to occupy himself more and more
-grabbing for toys and placing them promptly in his mouth
-a definite drooler
-rolling over (back to tummy is going very well, but tummy to back is a bigger challenge)
-eating rice cereal, and liking it!!!
-on full formula - while the price is high, and I miss our sweet times nursing, pumping was not functional for me
-taking soy formula, and is on reflux medicine (the reflux was worse with regular formula)
-beginning to laugh
-cooing and talking up a storm
-loving his mommy and daddy (I might be wrong, but I think he knows us, at least he always smiles at us)

We also had Emrick's baby dedication at Grace Church this past weekend. We shared this time with our dear friends, the Spanns, and Emrick's best friend, Eli. Not everything went exactly as we had planned, but it was so special. Jonathan and I were challenged as parents, and our friends and family were challenged to pray for us as well. Jonathan's parents, and my mom were here for the ceremony, and then we headed to the Spann house to watch the SEC & ACC Championships. It was such a great time that we didn't get a single picture. I know that our family got some though, and I will post them later. I'll leave you with one of the boys...please continue to pray for these two boys, and our two families as they grow. Our greatest desire is to see the boys grow to love the Lord, and His people. May the Lord be glorified in all they do!


Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Thanks for the update!!! I am so sad that we live so far away and had to miss the dedication. We are definitely praying for y'all and thinking about you. I would not worry about Emrick's weight....I think Em only weighed 13 pounds at her 4 month and she is only 25 inches long now at 6 and half months. Babies are all different and lucky Emrick if he gets an awesome metabolism! I am praying that Emerson gets Garrett's metabolism! We love you guys so much....Emrick is precious!

The Stuckey's said...

Those boys are so sweet I can see Johnathan and Donald sitting together....These boys will be friends forever.....Hope all is well and you guys have a Merry Christmas.

The Brooks said...

It is a REAL tree!!! Thank you!

The Brooks said...

I just wanted to say War Eagle! That's all!