Monday, December 14, 2009

Exersaucers, Eleven Ounces and Ear Infections

Well our little one is growing up fast.....5 months old on December 12th...the week leading up to the 12th was full of well as that weekend!
First off we brought out a new toy for him to play around with: the Exersaucer....dont know if that is how you spell it....but we are going with it! He loves it....well almost all of it (check the video). When he is in a good mood he will sit in it for up to an hour and just reach and try to get all of the goodies.....he even tries to get the little yellow handle thingy (check the pic) into his mouth. Bailey even helped him learn to turn the spiny thing around himself (check video as well). He is also almost big enough to stand flat footed in it, and after only a day, he was able to rotate himself in are some pics:
STYLEIN!!!..Yeah Stylein...

How do you like my new ride?

And here is the video:

The weekend brought about some new experiences as well. Emrick woke up alot Friday night and Saturday morning.....I mean pretty much at some point within every hour!! While this alone was unusual, the other thing that was unusual was that he was EXTREMELY fussy. I mean nothing would console at about 7 am we checked and he had a little fever. No Problem. A little later we checked and t had gone up (with Tylenol)...still ok. E fell asleep with Bailey on the couch and then at about 10 we checked again and it was like 104.....ok, guess we are going to the doctor. This in of itself was not a new experience, as we are pros at this whole goin to the doctor thing! Everything was the same ol same ol when we were there....then the following took place:

Doc - We are gonna check his ears to see if there is an infection
Me (in my head)- you always check his ears and there is nev..
Doc (before I finish my thought) - Oh here is why we have a fever....we have an ear infection...rolls him over.....oh we have two ear infections...poor guy..
Me (still in my head)- Oh....that sucks....

We had gone through five months without the dreaded ear infection which everyone says is common in kids......well in one day we got I guess they catch up with you! So now we are on more drugs.....but according to E's faces, these taste better than the reflux medicine...

Oh but there was good news out of the visit.....Emrick was 12 pounds and 11 oz! He had gained an ounce a day since his scheduled visit on Dec 1st. That is the first time that he had gained what our doctors says is around the norm (1 oz a day). We have had him on different cereals, rice...which he likes..oatmeal...which he is not a fan of...and barley (just tried it tonight) which he seems to like. We also have bought him some baby food (on a side note, I can not believe all the different combinations...seriously turkey dinner?). We tried yams first and today was the first day he ate most of it without gaggin....dont think he likes it....but I think we will try bananas next.....we will let you know how it goes....

Have a very merry Christmas and remember what Christmas is all about....hint: Its not shopping or getting you guys............Jonathan

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Stephen said...

Jonathan.... I feel for you and Bailey. There is just so little you can do on a medication level. It seems the choices make the child sicker. Avery got rashes with Amocicillan, so be prepared for that if Emerick has to take that stuff.

I hope your Christmas is enjoyable, and that Emerick is well enough to enjoy the holidays with his parents.