Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anniversary Stats

Just a quick little update about our 3rd anniversary, and then a little about Emrick's stats from his 12 month check-up!
Because I was in a post-delivery fog last year, we didn't really celebrate our anniversary, so this year, we celebrated enough for both anniversaries. Our faithful babysitters, the Millwoods, kept Emrick for us, while we headed to downtown Greenville. We dined at Rick Erwins, and had a good time talking and eating. We even have dessert to share tonight, as we ate too much to enjoy it last night. I even managed to surprise Jonathan with a little gift. He does, and gives so much to Emrick and I, so although there were rules in place to not exchange gifts, Jonathan will now be able to enjoy NCIS season 6!
Jonathan, you are amazing, and I am humbled each day to be your bride. I have loved these three years, and look forward to all our lives. Thank you for loving me, and always being willing to celebrate us a little bit! I love you!
(PS-Our first anniversary was spent similarly-nice restaurant, downtown Greenville)
Emrick had his 12 month check-up today, and I would consider it a success. Our little monkey is finally higher than the first percentile in weight, he's in almost the sixth, weighing in at 19lbs, 3oz. He's 29 and a half inches long (42%), and his head is in the 50%!!! It is comforting to know he is getting bigger! He had a couple of shots today too, and although he cried some, he got over it pretty quickly.
Soooo....all is very well at the Edmonds' house. I do have two blogs that I have been thinking about writing for a while. They're a little more serious in nature. One is about my thoughts on the continuing cuts in educational should be interesting! And, the other is about a journey our family took just before we had Emrick, that I never shared on the blog! It should be a fun two weeks in the blog world of the Jonathan Edmonds family.

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Mary Beth Spann said...

Happy Anniversary, y'all! Love ya lots!