Thursday, October 7, 2010

God's Hand

Wow! What a week it has been! My last post told about how terrifying our last week was, but only gave minimal detail to the ways in which we saw God's hand over the whole circumstance. Can I just tell you how awesome He is, and what grace He showed us through this experience! If you haven't read the last post, you might want to start there, and then read this one!

1.) Jonathan's parents were in town visiting for the weekend, and were getting ready to hit the road, but they hadn't left yet

2.) Donald and Mary Beth Spann (some of our closest friends) live across town, but had come by to borrow our bikes and our "child trailer" (as I call it) to go on a bike ride; they were still on our side of town riding when we called

3.) Our small group was about to begin, but our leader (Wes) had time to come by and pray with us, then go to small group with an update

4.) I work with an amazing Christian friend that was able to get my sub, and help her with plans all day, both days, and update my school, and ask them to pray for us as well!

***This is an addition: Jonathan's work was also encouraging, understanding, and flexible. His boss even sent us a text that said there was a team praying for us!

5.) The nurse at the TR hospital keep telling us to pray, we tried, but were so afraid that it was hard...we both think in song most of the time. We had sang a new song at church on Sunday, and all Jonathan could do was sing parts of the song in his head.

6.) Rebecca and Charity (more good friends) were able to bring our car to the hospital for us, and encourage me for just a minute at the hospital

7.) When Jonathan was telling Wes about hearing the song in his head, Wes pulled the song out, and said, "This one, that I printed for you."

8.) Our small group was able to join us at the hospital, pray with us, and get us dinner (for many days and nights to come)

9.) Jonathan's parents were able to stay at our house Sunday night, and take care of Bristol. They were willing to take Bristol home with them on Monday night, and Jonathan's dad was able and willing to come back on Tuesday, and stay as long as needed him to to watch Emrick, so that we could go back to work.

10.) Our sweet community group has been feeding us, and has even made trips to get various things that we needed this week so that I wouldn't have to...

11.) We go to church with our peditrician, and he was so sweet to call and check on Emrick yesterday (we kind of feel bad for him because he was out of town, and he is hearing the story on so many levels - being filled in from our church members, and from the hospital too...poor guy!)

12.) So many others have asked, called, prayed, posted on Facebook, and just simply loved us through this last week.

I am still so emotionally overwhelmed at all that God placed around us to protect and comfort us. Amazing, really!

If there is one way that you could still pray for us, it would be that we rest, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I think that it took so much more energy than we even really knew or expected. We are so incredibly thankful for a God that loves us dearly and personally, and uses others to love us that way too! Thanks for being a part in the way God has shown himself to us this week! We love you all!

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