Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

Before I actually start this post, let me say if you read my last post, I am not in despair! Nor, did I mean to give that impression! I've simply been in a funk...that's all! But, it does get better everyday.

Okay, onto today's post. Its actually a post for tomorrow, but we have a crazy day tomorrow, so I am writing today. My nana is my mom's mom. Growing up we went to see her often, holidays, summers, and all through hunting season. She cooked for us, she quilted for us, and she loved us. I have so much admiration for my grandmother as she raised 4 children after the death of her husband, and I am sure that her children would say that she didn't DO everything perfectly, but she herself was all I could ask for in a NANA. In 2005, she started declining in health, and for the next couple of years, she was sick and just not herself. However, when she passed away, I still wasn't prepared...I miss her, the real her deeply!

Dear Nana,
I just need you to know that although I probably never showed it properly, you were one of my heros. There is so much that I miss about you, and that could never, ever be replaced. I wish that I would have been older, or at least paid more attention when you cooked, and when you quilted (its pretty much a lost art now - quilting, and you could argue the same thing about cooking ;P). I don't think I recognized then how talented you were, or how much you loved me. I will remember random things like going to Krogers on Saturdays and sitting in your hot trailer as you cooked dinner. My quilt you made me when I was a little girl is still one of the most comforting items I have (its made it through two hospital stays - Emrick's birth and Emrick's seizure). There's nothing like it! I know that today, you are in a better place, and you are whole, and no longer sick. For that I am so thankful...your last days were not how I want to remember you. But, I still miss you, and I still love you, and I still think about growing up with the best NANA ever! Happy Birthday! I love you so much!
Your granddaughter,

May my life impact someone watching me the way my grandmother has impacted mine!

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