Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emrick Scott is Here!!!

Yes, I know, the last blog left you hanging. However, since the little guy has made his arrival, we've been a little pre-occupied. Don't have much time even now as the grunting is beginning for our 5:30 dinner date, so I will give a few brief details, and some pictures, then go and spend time with the cutest little boy I've ever met. The pitocin drip was restarted on Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. and Emrick arrived at 6:28 it was another long day. But, I must say, that it was well worth the wait when I saw that precious little angel on my chest...however, I did have the thought that he was a little nasty when I grabbed him ;)!!!!!!! We got discharged on Tuesday afternoon, and have spent the last couple of days figuring out just how this parenting thing works. I've decided it is definitely a team effort, and couldn't do it without Jonathan's help and encouragement. Okay, the grunts are turning to here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Emrick Scott Edmonds - July 12, 2009 - 6:28 pm - 8lbs 1 oz - 20.5 inches


Wendell Rowell said...

I am so proud of my "children". Your lives have just begun a long series of "firsts".
Not just because I took some of them but I think these are the most wonderful photos I have ever seen. Do you think it has something to do with the subject matter?
Love you all,

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Oh my gosh he is so amazing!!!!!! I want to see you all so badly!!! I will be back in greenville the middle of next week. I will call because I really want to hug you and see that precious baby in person. I am so excited for y'all!!!

Charley said...

Welcome, Emrick! I'm so glad you are finally here, safe and sound. It was fun meeting you yesterday. Sorry if I made you sea sick when I was rocking your carrier! Looking forward to growing up w you! Don't forget to be nice to me cuz I'll get my license a year ahead of you, and you and my sisbro will be beggin me for rides!

Warren & Jennifer said...

Yea for Emrick! We are so happy for you guys and your growing family!

The Brooks said...

I love love your new blog background! Not too girly Jonathan! Everyone is looking so good!

TigerBelle113 said...

Okay, so someone's been playing around with the blog background...but no updates since Emrick's birth!!! Come on now! :)