Saturday, July 11, 2009

So how bout one last hoorah +1

So no news on the baby.......disappointing I know! Today was filled with much excitement and then tons of waiting....and when I say tons I mean like big blue whale tons! We left for the hospital at about 515 AM!! We got here a little early but did receive the last bed.....praises! We started the pitocin drip at around 730 or 800 and then for the next 12 hours we sat..walked..ate..sat..walked..slept..sat. Not really in that order. At 800 PM we stopped the Pitocin and Dr Rana decided that Bailey should eat (she hadn't eaten since 800 Fri) then rest. We will resume the schedule at 600 AM Sunday. Today has been draining even though there wasn't a birth. Expectation and tons of anticipation really can take it out of you. I will say that Bailey was a trooper....being poked prodded and basically forced into contractions.....none of the contractions was too bad.. although some towards the end of the pitocin drip were getting her to make faces. Tomorrow should be fun....

So part two of this post is going to be the first entry in 'Blind and Clueless in Dadville USA" (running title..which basically means it may change). This will be a randomly run post-story type of idea. Some posts may be a simple thought....some may be a small chapter in an Encyclopedia Brittanica....depends on what I have on my mind.

Todays entry:

7/11 - "God lets talk"

God I know you know what you are doing and you are all knowing and all.......but have you thought about what you are doing here, do you know me at all? I mean I know me and I know what Ive done and what Ive thought over 31 years, What do I have to offer a Son? I mean I know I have yet to live out my calling in Ephesians to my wife on a consistent basis this. I trust you Lord and I know that you had all things set before time began.....but could you double check.....what do I have to offer a Son? I am helpless sometimes, I am selfish the most and I can be downright judgemental towards almost all folks. I forget to pray...I intend to read...I always make plans that Ill never keep.....what do I have to offer a Son? Lord you found me in the depths of this bottomless world.....despite years of your hands not being seen, your will not being sought, your grace not being known, your safety not being changed me in a blink of an eye.....what do I have to offer a Son? I am a redemption story in progress; a mold that continues to take form. I am a man after your heart and after your will...this is all by you and of no slight of my hand....what do I have to offer a Son? Lord you changed saved gave me knew life.........your Son...yourself...your will is now mine....but yet I say what do I have to offer a Son? What has been offered me....what has given me knew life....what is my hope and my salvation? The answers to these questions have nothing to do with me.....but everything to do with Him....the answers were always there....the Love, the Hope, the Protection and the Presence....when I take hope in you Lord the answers are clear....what do I have to offer a Son....well I have anything and everything....the beginning and the end....the alpha and omega....what do I have to offer a Son???.......I have nothing more to offer to my son Lord than yours so that he may know you.....and I have full confidence Lord that your Son will do!

we will update on Sunday with more news....Love ya



Garrett and Allison Reed said...

I love you guys so much and am definitely praying...keep us posted. And Jonathan.....I read your blog if that counts for anything.....I would love to hear about Eleuthera!

Wendell Rowell said...

If your son is a tenth as proud of you as I am and loves you a tenth as much as I do ... then you will certainly be blessed for all the rest of your life.
I am proud of you and I love you more than you can know.